Aside from personal needs, the existence of a bathtub in a home property is considered to be able to increase its resale power later, at least in your main bathroom. There are many models that can inspire you, ranging from minimalist bathroom design with a bathtub to a standard size bathtub with a luxurious design. Furthermore, you can also read the bathroom vanity buying guide if you want to install a new bathroom vanity which makes your bathroom looks even more elegant.

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Here are some examples of designs that have been compiled for you:

Dj House

Although the ideal bathroom size with a bathtub should be quite wide and free to move, it does not mean that your small bathroom cannot be fitted with a bathtub. Dj House for example, still installs a bathing place even though the size is not extensive. You can outsmart by installing translucent transparent glass to the outside so that the bathroom does not feel crowded.

Semi Outdoor Bathroom

One more semi-open bathroom design with a unique soaking tub that you can apply. Don’t forget to add various green plants and natural materials such as wood and stone to make it look more natural.

Mini Swimming Pool Bathtub

Your bathtub does not have to stand out. If you are worried about its presence makes the bathroom look full, you can try the Mini Swimming Pool Bathtub. Like a mini swimming pool, the ‘embedded’ bathtub on this floor can even be closed if you don’t need it.

Hanging Bathtub

Bored with the design that just like that? How about this hanging bathtub? The curve that fits the body position when lying down will be a very comfortable place to soak.

Glass Bathtub

If you like glass material, or like something futuristic, you can also choose a bathtub with a similar concept. This glass soak tub looks very modern and luxurious at the same time. Don’t forget to choose the best material so that the bathtub is more durable.