The first step is finding written ideas. These ideas can be found from one’s own experience, other people’s posts, Google AdWords Keyword Planner, books, magazines, television, radio, or other people’s problems motivational speeches. Meanwhile, if you need motivational speeches that can boost your spirit as a blogger, you can check out motivational speeches for bloggers.


The next step is writing based on the ideas found. Your goal at this stage is to make the first draft of the article. Of course, this draft consists of a title, introduction, content, conclusions, and sections asking the reader to act (call to action).

The tricks for you to write fluently are:

Separate writing from editing.

Eliminate writing problems (for example, turning off your internet or cell phone).

Look for a comfortable place to write (for example in a coffee shop or library).

The time needed to write the first draft depends on the number of words desired.


After the first draft is complete, you must edit it. This activity can be carried out as soon as possible or after a certain period of time (for example one or two days later). Whenever you do, editing consists of correcting typos, streamlining sentences, cohering between paragraphs, standardizing words, tilting foreign words, inserting keywords, and reinforcing arguments.

Due to it uses the left brain (logic), editing generally takes longer than writing. Personally, I need 90 minutes to edit the first draft writing 500 words.


After editing, the first draft changes to the final paper ready to be published on your blog. Before pressing the publish button, there are three things that must be done. First, format the writing so that it is better. This can be in the form of using H3 at the points discussed and adding read more so that it does not length on the front page of the blog. Second, make a link (link) to the writing itself or others.

Third, insert images to make writing more interesting (optional because it depends on the tastes of bloggers). Selected images should not violate the copyrights of others. For this purpose, you can search for images on Flickr and similar sites.