Warehouse rental service providers lately are increasingly in demand. Why? According to data from many sources http://www.brilliant-storage.com.hk/, every year the rental business for 迷你倉 is skyrocketing. Indeed, the initial capital is large, but the profit that was obtained was very abundant!
Interested in starting your first business with warehouse rentals?
Consider first some of these important things.

Determine Which Warehouse Type You Want to Choose
In the logistics world, there are types of warehouses with storage characteristics.
You must become an expert in one of the following types of warehouses:
 Warehouse storage of raw materials
 Warehouse for semi-finished goods
 Warehouse storage of production materials
 Warehouse transit
 Transshipmentcenter warehouse
 Cross-docking warehouse
 Warehouse sort center
 Warehouse fulfillment
Please pay attention to the tools and sizes of each type of warehouse.
Then, many warehouse tenants do not want to leave their goods in warehouses that have chemicals.
It’s better not to present chemicals in the warehouse you want to rent.

Provide adequate equipment and materials
Being a provider of warehouse rental services must have adequate equipment and materials to support activities.
The tools and materials that you must provide are:
1. Pallet
2. Shelf
3. Cartons
4. Label the item
5. Loading and unloading power
6. 24-hour security and CCTV
7. Fire Detectors
8. Dock level
9. Forklifts
If your capital is not too much, you can equip equipment from number 1 to 6.
The rest, installments after you already have the advantage.

Determine to Warehouse Rental Services
Warehouse rental services are not just one there are several types, such as:
1. Rent a warehouse daily.
2. Monthly warehouse rental.
3. Rent a warehouse per pallet.
4. Rent a warehouse per CBM.
5. Rent a warehouse per cubic meter.
The more warehouse rental options, the later your clients will be happier and not confused about choosing the service.