Knowing the cause of a leaky water pipe is information that you as a homeowner must know water damage restoration Sydney. From the case of the shower in the bathroom clogged, the sink faucet kept dripping water even though it was turned off until the water spray from the hose in the yard was not so tight. There is another effect that you might find, and that is water damage to your carpet. That may be very frustrating but for now, you only need to contact water damage restoration Sydney that can solve your home problems. To avoid losses from leaking water pipes, you may need to know the cause in advance.

Corrosion Process
The quality of the pipe will not always last well. Corrosion is unavoidable, especially if it has been a dozen years since the pipe in your house was installed for the first time. The corrosion process, which is generally difficult to detect, eventually will form openings that lead to leakage in water pipes. Besides being affected by the age of the pipe, chemical compounds that are contained in the water in your home are also considered. Unbalanced minerals and pH will accelerate the corrosion process.

Pipe Type
The types of pipes that you can get on the market are very diverse. Rule of thumb: don’t buy the cheapest pipe especially for wall mounting. For installation outside the walls, it does not matter if you want to use this type of pipe at a more economical price because it will not be difficult for you to monitor and act if at any time there is interference or damage.

Shifting Pipe
Shifting pipes can be caused by many things, including the foundation of the house that is not solid, erosion, and natural disasters, especially floods or earthquakes. Before reaching the stage of leakage, you generally find cases such as low water pressure, the turbidity of the flowing water, and the sound of water running from behind the walls of the house.

Poor Installation Quality
The installation of plumbing must be carried out by trusted professionals. The correct installation strategy is not trivial because if the calculation is wrong, leakage can occur at any time. If you are not the first person to be the owner of your current residence, it is a good idea to use professional services that check the feasibility of installed pipes and measure the potential for leakage before it happens.

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