Sending messages is the easiest thing a man can do to approach a woman. But sending messages is not as easy as it seems. Wrong sending messages can make the relationship worse. Therefore you must know how to text a girl, and at the best time.

– Before the first date. Inviting women for a first date via text message is not new at this time. Of course, it’s better if you call. But sending a date invitation via text can provide several benefits. Suppose you don’t have to be too embarrassed when you get rejected, you can do it anywhere, can ask your friends, don’t have to be clumsy, and so on. When asking women on dates, make sure the message you send is clear and more importantly memorable. Send a text reminding your date when the time is near, for example, “Can’t wait to see you at 7 later.” Women will be happy to know you are excited and look forward to dating her. What not to do: If the date has to be canceled or postponed, don’t notify her via text message better just call.

– After the first date. One of the women’s favorites is the message that says ‘thank you’. If you are impressed with the first date you just had, don’t hesitate to send the message “Thank you, last night’s fun.” You can also send a text that is a little tempting by sending “Thank you for the time last night. Unfortunately, we have to go to work today.” You can also send short messages indicating a second date, such as “Last night was fun. Next time I’ll ask if you’re allergic to certain foods.” So, how long does someone have to wait to send a follow-up text after a date? Surveys show that a person takes 1.5 days to return a message after the first date. Waiting too long can give the impression that you are not interested in the woman. What not to do: At this stage, you should avoid text messages that are too long. Not yet the time you share too much to send text messages that are too detailed or grandiose. Make her comfortable with you, that’s enough.