When texting a girl, avoid emotional sentences because this is the most common reason why women would not reply to your text or chat. Nowadays, getting to know someone and find love is easier because you could just text or chat her. But, a man usually makes mistakes like getting too emotional in chatting and that could be off-putting for women. What women need when chatting is not a matter of your speed in reading or replying to their messages, but rather leaning towards how you reply to their messages. In this case, reading the situation is very important. For example, when you are facing a problem, you should not chat with her so that the risk of mishandling can be minimized. Besides, try to avoid emotional sentences like “How long have you been responding to my messages? Don’t tell me you’re already tired of me? Hello … Are you still alive? ‚ÄĚCome on boys, she could have long replied to your message because she also has a life outside her phone, unlike you.

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How to text with women with chat that you should also pay attention to is the autocorrect section. This feature is very helpful for us when typing messages, but can be fatal if you are not careful. On the iPhone for example, the autocorrect feature in it can make the word “good” to “naughty”. For that, just turn off features like this because chat is not a match. There is no score there. In another sense, who sends more messages is not what’s important. As long as you can communicate with each other and get closer, then relax.

Nobody requires you to send her messages every day. Messages sent once a week can help to make her miss you. Main texting like “Have you eaten yet?” Is an example of pleasantries that you should leave behind. Starting from now, make an invitation to talk about things that are interesting or by her preferences. For example, “You like watching horror movies, right? Looks like you must watch the movie “XYZ” which will soon appear in theaters “. Well, if s responds to your message positively, then reply with “Saturday I will treat you for the movies”.