During activity, the ball screw repair are exposed to wear and thus reduce their size. Balls that reach the distance allowed by the base are rejected during setup. The number of balls drawn to the factory will be compared to the factory declaration, so the balls are measured during filling discover more here.

The factory ball screw repair layer consists of individual protective plates made of manganese steel. The plate is equipped with a quest to lift the ball. When used in half, the cover is replaced. If the protective film is not replaced, the protective film and pads will break during further use. The end defense layer remains detached even though it is worn through welding on steel plates or by replacing individual plates.

Ball screw repair are installed at the factory inn using shocks that are embedded through drum dividers. At the point when the defensive layer is evacuated, the drum is rotated using a winch and polyspast pulley square, or using a convenient and unusual rigging machine. The top cover plate was evacuated above all else. The plates were evacuated using slices that were pushed in the center of the plate and drum dividers. During plate formation, the bottom of the plant will be secured first, at which time the mill will be turned 90 °, the following drum zones will be investigated in a lower position, and this method is carried out until each part of the plate is introduced. These plates were also introduced by using pipe screw holders as drum shafts.

Because of the activity of the stockpile effect, the jolt association of the bigness equipment is relaxed, the wear teeth, and outspread and runout are important to be expanded. Minor imperfections in the teeth (splitting and spotting) have been corrected by the welding structure and are turned on with sandpaper wheels. If a tooth is used up to 30% of its thickness, the circumferential rope will be rotated 180 °, so the tooth works with the undamaged side. To rotate the sizing device, the factory drum will be introduced to the situation where the bigness gear connector is on a flat plane, after which the drum will be pinched so as to keep it from developing during activities. When the nut of the drum association and the circumference of the gear loosens, the rigging size will be lifted using an enhancing gadget, and issued to the repair sound.

Run out and runout hubs from sizing tools after repair, reclamation or replacement will be checked according to the chase. Perimeter rigging sizes will be separated into 8 to 10 equal parts along the generatrix of the apparatus, and markers will be introduced at the end of the traveling equipment.