Nowadays, investment in the stock exchange or market has grown rapidly. Many people are interested in this kind of investment, likely what offered by Mago do mercado. Before entering this investment, it is better to know about what is this investment and all about the stock exchange or market. Commonly, stock exchange will also relate to the return that may be different at a percentage.

Before starting the investment, it is better to know the update information about this in the following.

Average Return Of Stock Exchange
Based on the index companies of S & P 500, the stock return average is about 10%. In this case, it is important to remember that the long term return average percentage is only for the headline rate. Commonly, you will lose buying power 2%-3%. It happens every year concerning inflation. Commonly, it also can put the average of the inflation return to be 7% to 8%.

Return Of The Market Is Not Always Average
10% is only the number, but of course, it doesn’t mean that this will be always the average. In fact, it will change time to time, especially it will change per year depending on the market condition and also the inflation. We all know that the market is fluctuating and volatile. Therefore, the return may be positive. But, it may not rise regularly every year.

Expectation For Return In Stock Exchange
Actually, there is no guarantee if there will be any return on the exchange or market. However, 10% average may be steady enough for a long time period. The expectation of the return for the investors will depend on the recent condition. But simply, it will need some rules, the higher recent return will be lower on the future return.

However, all of this return will also depend on the market that you are in. there are many websites offering the stock exchange investment. As in Mago do mercado, you may need to contact them directly in order to know this basic knowledge about this return.