Choose a lodge is very important when you decide to go on vacation. When on vacation, you can stay at hotels, resorts, guesthouses, or even in a villa. For those who are going on vacation to Miami, finding a villa in Miami is not difficult because a lot of villas are offered at affordable prices in some lodging applications. But before you go and stay at a vacation spot, do you know the basic difference between hotels and resorts?Your vacation doesn’t feel like a vacation if you just come, play around, then go home. You will experience fatigue on the way to reach your destination. Therefore, when you are on vacation, it’s good if you also stay at your vacation spot so you can explore your vacation spot the next day. Many inns allow you to stay there, there are many hotels and resorts that are widespread throughout our country. But, before you stay you need to know the difference between a hotel and a resort. The following explanation,

The hotel is a building that provides a place to stay for everyone. Usually, hotels not only provide rooms but also provide food and hotel facilities for customer hygiene. To get it all, of course, you also have a condition, namely to pay. The management carried out in each hotel is also already professional and supported also by workers who have good skills in the hotel sector. All things done by hotel staff have their SOPs that cannot be changed according to the wishes of visitors. If you stay at a hotel, you will be treated like a king, assisted when there are difficulties and special needs. And usually, hotels also operate for 24 hours without holidays because to serve customers who want to use the hotel services.

#The Resort
If the hotel has strict management and its employees work according to the SOP, it is different from the resort. Although in fact, both are providers of places to stay, according to Isa, employees at the resort are more relaxed and flexible, there are no strict rules that bind the duties of the resort employees.Lodging model resorts usually also provide facilities that spoil visitors, for example, pick up from the airport, providing freecycling facilities around the resort and free massages.